Say goodbye to slow and bloated anti-virus softwares, shady VPNs, and expensive IT. SkyFort is the new and simple way to keep your devices private and secure.


The cloud firewall, made for everyone.

What is SkyFort?

SkyFort is the first and only cloud firewall that lets you connect from anywhere and secures your traffic from threats.

Simple, powerful protection.

All data is secured and encrypted in transit and at rest, keeping you private and secure.

All web traffic in and out is intelligently screened for malware, ads, and phishing

FortressCloud is simple to setup and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

SkyFort for Teams:

A match made in the clouds.

Its more important than ever to secure yourself and your remote teams. We make it easy and affordable with SkyFort.

Push button. Secure.

They just download the app, sign in, and their device is secured in seconds.

Just make your account online, and send invites to your team.

Your team's devices are secured by our cutting edge firewall in the cloud.

You can enable and disable Fortress and use it only when working, or all the time.

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They Trust SkyFort.

By using SkyFort, we are able to breath a sigh of relief with everyone working from home, outside our office firewall.

Michael Walker

Head of Ops, Plastikon, Inc.

Sean Veiseh

MD, University Medical LA

No one likes worrying about viruses or scams, but its something we have to take seriously when dealing with client data. SkyFort made my life easier

Pamela Suebert

Realtor, Simi Valley Troop

I use SkyFort just on my work laptop, and I know in the back of my mind that I'm always protected, and its a great feeling.




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Best for remote teams

  • Advanced AI protection
  • Full firewall features
  • 299GB/m
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Best for people who just want to stay secure online

  • Real time protection
  • Secure uplink
  • 99GB/m
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For larger teams with mission critical requirements

  • Everything included in PRO
  • Full 24/7 support
  • Unlimited data usage
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